Standards of Academic Progress

1. Maximum Time Frame (MTF) Allowed

The Maximum Time Frame (MTF) is the time allowed for a student to complete a course of study. According to Appendix D, Requirement 4 of the ACICS’s Accreditation Criteria, “The Maximum Time Frame is not to exceed 150% of the normal program length”. In practice, this means all students at BAU must complete their programs of study within 1.5 times the program length as measured in semester credit hours attempted. If a student cannot complete the program within the MTF, the student will be dismissed from the university.

A credit hour attempted also is defined as any clock or credit hour for which a student has incurred a financial obligation. All registered hours, at the end of the add/drop period will be counted in the MTF determination.

In addition, all transfer credit hours accepted from other institutions will be counted in the Maximum Time Frame.

The MTF is 1.5 times the Normal Program Length (NPL) which can be formulated as MTF = 1.5 x NPL. For example: MTF = 120 credits x 1.5 = 180 credits (maximum time allowed for a bachelor’s degree program).

Program of Study
NPL in credits
MTF Allowed in credits*
Master’s Degree Programs
* Normal program length will be shortened when transfer credits are applied to the degree.
** Beyond the program prerequisites

If a student is unable to complete the program within one of the aforementioned time periods, the individual will not be eligible to receive the original credential (i.e., bachelor’s degree).

2. Required Minimum Completion Percentage

BAU International will evaluate the successful course completion percentages for all enrolled students at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the Maximum Time Frame above to determine whether the student is maintaining specific qualitative and quantitative minimums in order to avoid probation or dismissal.

Hour Attempted (HA): An Hour Attempted is defined in terms of the semester credit hour. An example of an hour attempted is any credit hour (or the equivalent) for which the student has incurred a financial obligation.

Evaluation Points

(% of MTF attempted)

Required Minimum Completion %

(all credits attempted)

Number of HA

Which Must be Earned

At 25% of MTF
55% x____ = ___
At 50% of MTF
60% x____ = ___
At 75% of MTF
65% x____ = ___
At 100% of MTF
70% x____ = ___
* A student not meeting standards does not have to be dismissed; probation is required.
** Probation is not allowed at this point and academic dismissal is required.

In practice, this means that when the attempted credits are 25% of the MTF, the student must successfully complete 55% of all credits attempted with a grade of C or above in graduate programs. Failure to meet this requirement will result in academic probation. Academic probation is permitted at this point only. Failure to meet the minimum completion percentages at either 50%, 75%, or 100% renders the student ineligible for probation and the student must be dismissed. All courses, including withdrawals and retakes, will be included in credit hours attempted. Therefore, withdrawals and retakes will have an impact on the minimum completion percentage. The completion percentage is calculated at the end of each semester.

3. Required Minimum CGPA

The third requirement of acceptable satisfactory academic progress is to meet the minimum CGPA requirement at each evaluation point of the MTF.

BAU International uses a 4.0 scale grading system and GPAs are calculated at the end of each semester. Withdrawals are not included in GPA calculations. However, in the case of retakes, only the highest grade is included in the GPA calculation.

Evaluation Points
(% of MTF attempted*)
Required Minimum CGPA for
Graduate Level
Probation Point
Dismissal Point
At 25% of MTF
CGPA < 2.25
No dismissal is allowed. Probation is required.
At 50% of MTF
CGPA < 2.50
CGPA < 2.25
At 75% of MTF
CGPA < 2.75
CGPA < 2.50
At 100% of MTF
No probation is allowed. Dismissal is required.
CGPA < 3.00
* If these evaluation points fall during the middle of a semester, the evaluation will be conducted at the end of the previous semester. The university will not wait until the end of the next semester to monitor the satisfactory academic progress of its students.

In practice this means that, for a graduate student, when attempted credits are 50% of the MTF, a CGPA below 2.50 but greater than or equal to 2.25 will result in probation and below 2.25 in dismissal.

At 100% of the MTF, or graduation, whichever occurs sooner, the student must have completed all of the program requirements with a CGPA of 2.0 or higher in a bachelor’s degree program and a CGPA of 3.0 or higher in a master’s degree program. The student who falls below the statutory minimum is not considered to be maintaining satisfactory progress, no probation is allowed at this point, and student will be dismissed from the program. S/he cannot receive the original credential.