Health Services


BAU wants students to stay healthy and happy throughout their time with us and beyond. To this end, we offer students both health and wellness and counseling services. It is important for everyone to be proactive about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for the sake of achieving both short- and long-term successes. At BAU, we recognize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires attention to both physical fitness and mental well-being. Our services respond to student needs on these two levels.


Health and Wellness

Healthy lifestyle guidance and classes are organized by the Student Government Association and are offered through the Student Services Department.  Students can participate in exercise, nutrition, time management, stress relief, and success planning workshops, focus groups, and classes. Monthly “Chai and Chat” sessions offer a social venue for students to connect over important matters.

The mission of BAU’s health and wellness program is to encourage students, faculty and staff  to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors and to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

For more information, please contact Durkhanai Ranzooryar, SGA’s Student Services Liaison, at    

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