The Campus

BAU International University, located in the heart of Washington, offers a comfortable and peaceful study environment.  The school, housed in a contemporary tower with a modern interior sits in juxtaposition to historic Lafayette Park and the White House.


Our contemporary facility provides essential classroom space in a very accessible location.  Our furnishings are modern, our classrooms spacious and our technological links advanced.  Our primary focus on providing students access to the finest educators who provide robust coursework and guarantee a quality MBA education.   By prioritizing educational quality over campus comforts (we have no gym or auditorium) we can offer an uncommonly low priced MBA.


State-of-the-art classrooms and a comfortable study lounge/library. 

 The lounge, cafe and computer lab provide students study and work space.  The student lounge area serves as an informal library with books and online connection to the BAU library of over 400,000 titles.   Students typically come to learn, study, talk to their professors, share ideas and socialize with peers.


We are serious about focusing on providing an affordable education.