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Global Policy Institute (GPI)

The Global Policy Institute (GPI) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Through its large network of affiliated scholars and talented staff, GPI conducts research and analysis, develops objective and realistic policy solutions, and unites political and business leaders to solve globally relevant problems. GPI’s research fellows cover major geographic regions and vital issues shaping domestic and international agendas.

Above: a 2016 GPI panel discussion on the future of the Turkish economy.

GPI hosts a wealth of events and constantly posts news, updates, and research on its website: The GPI Forward video series provides critical discussions of significant global issues. Check out videos here and here.


  • Become a leading research center on domestic and global policy choices facing decision makers in politics, business, and other relevant fields.
  • Serve as a resource for GPI members, government officials, business professionals, journalists, academics, students, and other interested citizens seeking to understand the complexities of today‚Äôs world.


  • Increase understanding of global events and domestic and international policies in the fields of Energy, Education, Economy, and Immigration, as well as other relevant areas of focus.
  • Facilitate the ability of world leaders to meet complex global challenges through up-to-date analysis of current issues.
  • Create a platform for constructive engagement on domestic and international issues by convening decision makers in politics and business to solve problems and provide recommendations.

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