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Mission & Values


The mission of BAU International University (BAU) is to provide high quality education through a variety of career-related programs that (a) enable BAU students to enhance and achieve their academic potential; (b) provide them the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to advance their professional careers; and (c) cultivate among them the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and creativity that are urgently needed in the global community.

An integral part of our mission is holistically supporting our students, providing them with opportunities, encouragement, mentoring, and scaffolding, and fostering peer interaction and a sense of community. We systematically encourage the development of a strong knowledge base, study skills, technical know-how, and the personal motivation necessary for competent scholarship.

Core Values

BAU International University aspires to provide education and scholarship of the highest quality, to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare individuals for life, work, and leadership. As BAU community members, some of us make our contributions by engaging directly in teaching, learning, and research, others by supporting and enabling those core activities in essential ways. Whatever our individual roles are, and wherever we work within BAU International University, we owe it to one another to uphold certain core community values.

At BAU, we have four main core values: Respect, Academic Achievement, Diversity, and Integrity, values which befit a globally-oriented institution of higher education. We expect members of the BAU community to treat one another with respect; to strive for high academic achievements; to express diverse ideas and reflect diverse backgrounds; and to approach their personal and academic lives with integrity.

The more we embrace these values in our daily lives, the more we create and sustain an environment of trust, cooperation, lively inquiry, and mutual understanding, the better we can advance our commitment to education, which all of us share.



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