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Student Government

Students have the right to play a clearly defined and significant role in the formation and application of institutional policy affecting both academic and student affairs. The best means to play this role is through a democratic student government. Therefore, the graduate students of BAU International University have formed a student government and have ratified its Constitution.

The mission of BAU’s SGA is “to empower students as the official voice of BAU’s student body. We aim to celebrate cultural diversity, protect the interests and rights of students, and further efforts to advance their development.”

This mission statement manifests itself through a spirit of cooperation and professionalism between the SGA and the University. This mission statement also serves as the ideological foundation for all work done through committees.

Mehtap Ileri Erdogan, President

Laura Anzalone, Vice President

Mohamed Abdulkarim Faran, Treasurer

Durkhanai Ranzooryar, Student Services Liaison

Bengisu Altunsu, Public Relations Manager

Eyad Abushaikaha, Career Services & Ethics Officer

Siham Khalil El Ouadghiri, Events Manager

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