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The BAU Library consists of a small physical library and a large online collection. Keeping in mind that the Washington, D.C. metro area is an information-rich and library-rich environment, BAU maintains its physical collection to assist students in “discovering” material that faculty members themselves use in their areas of expertise. This concept allows students to build on their understandings from classroom instruction and required readings and creates a richer and more relaxing environment for discovery and learning.

The BAU Library provides a comfortable space where students can find and discover supplemental, not necessarily academic, material related to their courses. Periodicals include the Economist, Foreign Policy, Bloomberg’s Business Week, MIT’s Technology Review, INC, and Fast Company, plus some newspapers.

BAU’s primary library research resources are provided electronically through access to Bahcesehir University’s Barbaros Library. The electronic library contains over ninety-eight major databases, licensed from Proquest, EBSCO, ACM, and IEEE. It provides access to over 35,820 full text journals, reports and newspapers. Additionally, the library currently owns 46,374 electronic books, licenses publishers’ e-Book databases and subscribes to an additional 350,000 e-books. This design provides Library resources far greater than those of many institutions much larger than BAU International University.

The e-Library is available 24/7 year-round to all students and faculty by Internet access. During school hours, students can access the e-Library from BAU’s computer room, which has 27 workstations, and the physical library. BAU’s Librarian, Omar Akchurin, is an MLS degreed librarian with over twenty years of experience in public, government, and academic libraries.

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