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International Student Admissions (MBA)

All prospective international students must complete the following process. (International applicants who are already in the United States should see additional requirements at bottom.)

  1. Apply online by visiting
  2. Submit photocopy of Passport.
  3. Provide an OFFICIAL Bachelor’s degree transcript.
  4. Provide proof of English language proficiency.
  5. Provide a bank statement showing proof of adequate financial resources.
  6. Provide a sponsorship letter (if bank statement is not in applicant’s name).
  7. If the applicant has any dependents, passport copies and additional materials as necessary.


Application form: Applicants must submit a completed application form. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered for admission until all necessary information has been provided.

Identification: For international students, only a Passport copy is an acceptable form of identification.

Official transcript: 

  • The issuing educational institution must issue and mail the transcript directly to BAU International University, to the attention of Inga Barkane, Admission Officer.
  • If the Bachelor’s degree was issued by a foreign institution of higher education, the applicant must provide an evaluation of the transcript from a NACES-member ( or an AICE member (http://www.aice-eval.orgcredential evaluation service to establish U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor’s degree.  The evaluation must be a course-by-course evaluation of the transcript.
  • If the Bachelor’s degree transcript is not in English, the applicant must provide a certified English translation.
  • If the transcript does not clearly indicate the degree awarded, the applicant must provide a notarized copy of the college or university diploma.


Proof of English language proficiency: All applicants whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency to BAU International. This requirement is waived if the applicant’s Bachelor’s degree transcript explicitly notes that the language of instruction for the degree was English. Otherwise, English language proficiency can be established by providing an official score report for one of our approved standardized English proficiency tests. The table below shows the tests and minimum scores accepted (effective for Fall entry as of May 22, 2017).

Name of Standardized Test  Minimum Scores Required
TOEFL (PBT, CBT, IBT) 600, 250, 100
Oxford Online Placement Test 85


Sponsorship Letter: If the bank statement the applicant provides is not in the applicant’s name, then the applicant must provide a written statement from the owner of the bank account that (a) explicitly states that that person can and will financially support the applicant for the duration of the applicant’s studies in the United States, and (b) provides a reason why the sponsor wishes to financially support the applicant.


Bank statement showing proof of adequate financial resources: The balance must show at least $26,500. If the applicant has any dependents, the bank statement must balance must increase by $10,000 per dependent.

If the financial sponsor is a U.S. citizen, the citizen must fill out USCIS Form I-134, Affidavit of Support (  


In addition to the materials listed above, international students who are already in the United States on an F1 or other visa must submit the following materials:

  • If the student is in the U.S. on an F1 visa, a “SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Form”
  • If the student is in the U.S. on a non-F1 visa, the prospective student must go through a “Change of Status” process through USCIS. Please refer to BAU’s “Change of Status Guide.

If you have any questions about the application process, email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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