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Scholarship Opportunities

BAU wants every student to succeed. Therefore, the University makes private scholarships available to qualified students. A specified number of scholarships, ranging from 25% to 100%, are available every year. Scholarships are effective for the entirety of the student’s period of study, or as long as the student meets specified academic standards. Scholarships are for tuition only and do not apply to student fees or living expenses. Scholarships do not have to be repaid.

All prospective and current students may apply for a BAU Institutional Scholarship, regardless of their nationality, enrollment status (part or full time), or academic history. In awarding scholarships, we do take financial need into consideration, but our scholarship system is based primarily on merit (demonstrated academic achievement or other personal accomplishments).

Scholarships are determined by the Scholarship Committee, which meets annually to review applications and award scholarships for the following academic year. Application results are mailed to all applicants.

For more information about scholarship opportunities, or to request scholarship application materials, please contact our Admission Officer, Mert Urel, at


SAT Score Maximum Scholarship Amount
1300 100% scholarship
1200 50% scholarship
1000 25% scholarship


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